Balm your body in elegance.  Indulge in the extravagance of Beverly Hills Balm, a luxury beauty balm infused with organic oils to keep lips and skin silky soft and smooth.  

Our lavish balms contain nourishing elements that hydrate, moisturize and improve the overall appearance of your lips, face and body.

Beverly Hills Balm is created by renowned celebrity licensed beauty expert, actress and lifestyle host Cory Oliver.  



From the time Cory was a young girl, she remembers using her Grandmother’s simple homemade skin care and beauty recipes. Grandma, being French, took her skin care seriously. She stayed out of the sun, and always used the best natural beauty products. Grandma remained a true beauty and loved sharing her simple beautiful aging secrets with Cory throughout her life.

Cory and I have been friends for more than 30 years. When we were teens, Cory was always styling and transforming her friends to help them feel more beautiful. She would whip up face masks and scrubs made from simple household ingredients. She was definitely my go to gal to help eradicate a breakout or calm a flaming sunburn, she even gave me my first perm!

As an actress and licensed cosmetologist with more than 20 years as a makeup artist and stylist for film and television, Cory spent a lot of time on set where the long hours, hard work, stress and travel could easily have taken a toll on her skin. Cory’s complexion is and always has been and will always be flawless. Even though Cory has had access to some of the world’s finest products and ingredients because of her job, she always reverts back to her roots and Grandma’s secrets when it comes to maintaining hydrated, clean, supple skin.

Cory and I have shared big dreams since we were little girls. Our friendship has been fun and adventurous! We both moved to Los Angeles from a small central California town in our early 20s and the stories we could tell! We started a band together, have traveled together. I was there when her daughter, Ariana was born. We’ve shared great joys and some challenges along the way but through it all we have never stopped sharing big dreams.

It’s no surprise then, that when Cory came up with a way to formulate some of the main ingredients we have used on our lips, face and body throughout the years and package it in a simple, easy to tote around twist up all in one jumbo balm tube and asked me to use my more than 20 years of business and computer technical skills to help her bring her product to market that I jumped at the chance to collaborate with my lifelong friend.

We hope you like Beverly Hills BALM as much as we do!

We celebrate your unique beauty and we cannot wait to share more of Grandma’s beauty secrets with you so STAY TUNED…  Tara